My Own Wings is a transmedia project that aims to explore the intersex identity. Originally the term “hermaphrodite” was used to describe the phenomena, but it has since been substituted with intersex because it was seen as offensive. Intersex people are not born with "both" sexes but born with a variation from the standard of what is socially accepted as a male or female body.

Trailer My Own Wings

I Don't Need To Know You explores cruising in Cataluña, Spain. This process of searching for sexual encounters in public places such as parks, beaches has traditionally been viewed in the context of male homo- sexuality. I Don’t Need To Know You ventures further in an attempt to reveal and understand the complexity of motivations and feelings that drive the subjects – broadcasting a sense of loneliness, shame, guilt, exclusion, adrenaline, the narrative poses disturbing questions in search for hidden reasons and excuses.

Trailer I Don't Need To Know You


"My Own Wings" screening in Alamo Drafthouse NYC during a Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective turning 10 celebration.