I Don´t Need To Know You         Spain/ 2014 - Ongoing

An ongoing joint transmedia project by Luca Aimi and Katia Repina. I Don´t Need To Know You results in a photography project, short film and a video installation. 

“To remain being a man is not only something absurd, It is also something outdated.” Jordi Roca

Dating culture has changed radically since mobile dating went mainstream some years ago. Dating apps don´t just make it easier to find a no-commitment hook-up, they also make it safer. Interacting via your computer or smartphone you feel protected, in control of the situation. There is no risk, no danger, less vulnerability.
Applications like Tinder or Grindr promise us that we will find our perfect match, and we are glad - the more we know about the other person the better we feel. But even in this generation of hyper connectivity, the wild, untamed side of our nature still finds a way to express itself. There are still people who are not scared of not knowing.
The collaborative project by photographers Katia Repina and Luca Aimi explores cruising in Cataluña, Spain. This process of searching for sexual encounters in public places such as parks, beaches and parking lots, has attempt to reveal and understand the complexity of motivations and feelings that drive the subjects-broadcasting a sense of loneliness, shame, guilt, exclusion, adrenaline, the narrative poses disturbing questions in search for hidden reasons and excuses.  
After all, these emotions are what makes a human being feel alive. 

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