My Own Wings                  Spain, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Panama /2015 - Ongoing //Coming Soon//

An ongoing joint project by Carla Moral and Katia Repina.

My Own Wings is a transmedia project that aims to explore the intersex identity. Originally the term "hermaphrodite" was used to describe the phenomena, but it has since been substituted with intersex because it was seen as offensive. Intersex people are not born with "both" sexes but born with a variation from the standard of what is socially accepted as a male or female body. 
The project is based on different testimonies from intersex people as well as research on different social, medical and legal issues. As of now the project counts with 25 stories of intersex people living in Spain, the U.S., Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama
sharing their stories as an unique invitation to their inside world and experience. 
The most common shared experience of intersex people in any country or culture is a feeling of secrecy and shame. Intersex people are around 1.7% of population but you would rarely know at least one because of so much secrecy they are used to live. 

Trailer for the short film My Own Wings